Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Warm Boots!

Yesterday I worked at Rummage in Tiverton Four Corners and snapped these pics of my weather appropriate outfit in front of Cara's amazing collection of vintage clothing and antique artifacts for your home. I wore a black cardigan from Target, a vintage thrifted top, long tank from Express, Theory leggings, vintage jewelry, and my new absolutleypostitivlywarmestbootsintheworld! My mom bought me these amazing Emu shearling boots for Christmas and they have already changed my life forever. As soon as the weather starts to turn cool my feet become little ice cubes attached to the bottom of my legs. I have frozen numb feet for most of the winter and spend most of my time being very uncomfortable because of this. It prevents me from leaving the house a lot because I know when I go out my feet will freeze and it will ruin my night. Well, not any longer! These boots are so unbelievably soft on the inside and keep my feet toasty warm for the entire day. I am soso happy to not be cursed with cold feet anymore and can't wait for all the amazing things I'm going to be able to do this winter without worrying about cold feet!


When I was shooting the above photos, my camera took this weird ghost image of me as I was walking to pose for the camera. Spooky...


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