Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Thrifting Days

What a day it was yesterday! It was raining, windy, and just nasty all morning but then it was a beautiful afternoon. Why does it seem like the sun always comes out right before it sets? I had a great day and I got things accomplished. I went to the gym for a while in the morning (because I totally didn't go on Mon or Tues.) I am not a gym freak by any means, believe me, but I am trying to stay healthy and therefore happy. You need to keep your lungs and heart in great shape, right? After that I went thrifting and scored some amazing items for myself and for the shop. I was in there for hours and my shopping cart was completely overflowing. The one thing that I'm bummed about is I found this perfect summer strappy sandal, but only one! The lady working there took my name and number in case they found the other one, but she hasn't called yet. I'm not holding my breath.

After that I went to Target for some necessities like toothpaste and ivybrofen (we were at a dinner party and this guy totally said "ivybrofen" instead of "ibuprofen") but bought some plain v-neck sweaters on clearance too. I also bought a floor lamp for some more light in my studio and it's totally broken. One of the long pieces that you screw into another long piece to make the stand is crooked, so it does't stand up straight, it's more at a 12 degree angle. That dumb lamp was $32 (the cheapest one they had there that was somewhat pleasing to the eyes) and I considered that a deal. But is it? Sure it's brand new but it's cheap and one of the parts is effed up. If I saw a cool lamp at a thrift store that was $32 I might not get it because that's a bit steep for a used lamp, even though it would most likely be of higher quality. This is turning into a rant, but that's part of this planet's pollution problem; cheap crap that breaks in a year (or starts out broken) and gets thrown away only so the owner can buy another cheap fillintheblank and the cycle continutes. I wonder how many more of those lamps have the same wrong piece. The lamp itself works fine so I'm not going to bring it back. It will just sit in the corner and be a reminder of why used/vintage/antique items are just better for us and the planet.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Vintage Fabrics

Well, I've been busy all week getting everything ready for the new, much improved, and official So now that all the computer stuff is done, I'm going to get started again on something else that I love to do: design and make clothing. I've got piles of vintage fabrics just staring at me waiting to come out and be seen. I can't wait to get started! Here's a peak of what I'm working with.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Style Collage

I threw together this outfit for a Saturday night: some delicious sushi for dinner than some darts and pool at a local dive bar with a short stop at Salvation to end the night.


Flashy Top: thrifted
Dress: F21
Tee: H&M
Jeans: Levi's
Shoes: Vagabond (I don't wear these little patent leather numbers often enough)
Necklace: Urban Outfitters (my lovely friend Megan designs intimates for them and was nice enough to give me this necklace, well, right off her neck)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Crazy New Haircut!

Well I just went for it this time. I was just going to cut it all off but my friend Brandy who is also my hairdresser suggested we do something fun instead. So here it is, all posh spice on one side and regular ol' Nicole on the other. Half the time I think "what have I done?!?" and the other half of the time I think that I secretly love it. Please excuse the poor photos, they're just from the photobooth application from my new mac (another post for another time) and I just woke up 5 minutes ago. More pics of the hair in killer outfits later. Going thrifting today!!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

East Coast Stranded

I'm sad today. I thought I was going to San Diego for a few days (leaving tomorrow) but things seem to have fallen through. Michael is there on work and I was going to tag along for a few days. On Sunday night flights from Providence were only $298 and last night the cheapest one was $550, and that's a little too much to spend for only a few days. Oh it's so freezing here and I could really use some nice warm weather! I was already practicing saying mucho tacos porfavore for all the delicious Mexican food I was going to eat. too bad so sad, maybe next time.

Thanks for bearing through my whining, now more vintage fashion...

For the below mentioned photoshoot I had to send pics of some of my vintage collection to the other stylist so we could get on the same page. I just thought that I would share some of my favorites.



PhotobucketSECOND CELL

Sunday, January 13, 2008


This weekend I styled a shoot for this new newspaper/magazine that's coming out this spring. I had so much fun doing it and we got some really great shots. Here's a few pics of the set and the wardrobe area of the studio. The first issue is coming out in April so I'll have more up then. Can't wait!


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Items Coming Soon, I Promise!!

I am thisclose to putting a whole new batch of clothes, shoes, and bags online including warm winter coats, killer stacked heel boots, and bags that will hold all your stuff. Keep checking back for the official update.


Big Pictures!

I just figured out how to post really big pictures, so I'll put up some pretty ones of all the things that help me make it through the winter and look forward to spring.

This is right near my parent's house in Tiverton, where I grew up.

Michael walking up the dunes to Second Beach in Middletown.

A view of a fishing pier with Goat Island in the background, Newport.

Shoreline in either Tiverton or Little Compton, my sister took this one.