Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A New Leaf

When you have curly hair and you get it cut, you know that you are going to be leaving the salon with frizzy, kinda curly, nothing to do about it but wash it and style it yourself, hair. My hair routine is to wash it without combing it, wrapping it in a towel for a few minutes, and then apply some curl product while it is still wet. Then I scrunch it around a bit throughout the day. Fool proof. When you get a cut they have to leave it drying for a while during the cut before they add product. I know this is inevitable but it really kills the instant satisfaction factor. I can't wait to wash it tomorrow morning to really see my new do!

Having my makeup done was really fun and informative. Amy G at New Leaf is a great makeup artist and she taught me many tricks on how to apply and maintain your makeup. I have numerous weddings to go to this summer so I wanted a fresh face/smokey eye look. I feel like I am much better prepared to apply eyeliner and shadow now. I even indulged in a few Smashbox and Cargo products; some champagne eye shadow, a black eyeliner, and reverse lip liner which is a nude colored pencil that you apply around your lips on your skin to keep your lipstick in place. Great for bright reds that run onto your skin. Because I never wear makeup, I feel kinda silly when I do, like a kid who just went crazy in her mom's makeup box. I think a happy medium between the before and after is good for me. See you tomorrow with my new haircut and (hopefully) improved makeup skills!


Top: Banana Republic
Skirt: thrifted vintage (looks like it's red skirt week!)
Belt: thrifted vintage
Boots: vintage from ebay

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Maria said...

The makeup looks really pretty - not overdone at all!