Thursday, June 24, 2010

La Pelouse Vert (et la robe aussi!)

Working on cushions for my mom's new sunroom today which happen to be, you guessed it, green! We go through so many months of dismal grays and browns that I can't get enough of this wonderful full of life color when it blesses us with its presence. Concerning grays and browns, I watched "The Road" last night, based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy. One of the most depressing movies ever. I started reading the book a few years ago but it was such a downer that I couldn't get through it. It's about a father and son as they trek across the US after the apocalypse. All wildlife and vegetation have died and cannibalism is rampant as bands of less than moral gangs try to find their next meal. Everyone is freezing cold, sick and starving, it's really a gruesome picture of what might happen if the world as we know it ends. Needless to say, but I was so happy to wake up this morning to blue skies and that green green grass.


Dress: altered vintage (it was much longer)
Necklace: vintage
Belt: vintage
Shoes: vintage wood and leather platforms from a yard sale, one of the best finds ever!
Bracelet: cheapie from NYC

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Maria said...

Very cute! And you're a better woman than I am - if I couldn't get through the book, I'd never try the movie.