Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Treasures from Throwaways

On Saturday I went to my first yard sales of the season! I. Love. Yard. Sales. You never know what treasures you might find. As the season is just beginning, I didn't find much but I did walk away with a spectacular book " Treasures from Throwaways" which is a collection of crafts "you can make from things in your attic or discards" put out by Better Homes and Gardens in 1976. I knew I was in love when the first craft was "Tin Can Owls." What a trip! This book has some useful ideas but most are ridiculous such as the "Typewriter Note Holder" which is basically a psychedelically painted typewriter that you put notes in and the "Utensil Safari Wall Mount." This is bunch of old kitchen utensils glues together, spray painted white, and hung on the wall. Then there's my favorite, the "Chicken Bucket Lamps." Enough said. Now here for your viewing enjoyment are some of my favorite photos from the book:

Tin Can Owls and Recycled Container Organizer

Remodeled Dining Set and Hospital Bed Sofa

Victrola Teen Bar and Ice Cream Carton Lamps

TV Tub Chess Set and Feed Sack Pillows


Maria said...

These are hilarious. I think my mother still has a pencil cup made from a tin can wrapped with yarn and decorated with a yarn daisy by one of us kids back in the 1970s.

Fidget Finds said...

Thanks Maria! There is actually a "Yarn Wrapped Can Lamp" in the book that I didn't include in the post. Sounds a lot like your pencil cup!