Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Lady Next Door

I had such a fun weekend! I got to sleep in a little on Saturday morning, which is even more precious since Brian started having to leave the house at 7:30 for his new job, then I spent the afternoon shopping with the gals. Before we headed up to Thayer Street in Providence for East Side Pockets falafels, Carrie, Caitlin, and I went to my favorite little junk antique store, The Lady Next Door. This title is especially appropriate because it happens to be right around the corner from Caitlin's apartment on Water Street in Warren, RI. If you want to talk about a chock full antique store, this is the place. Every bit of space is completely covered, with most items precariously balanced on top of each other. I can't imagine perusing the shop with more than three people occupying the space and even then I knocked a few things over. However, this woman has some amazing items. She has beautiful fabric, great kitchenware, retro posters, and some to die for vintage dresses. Caitlin bought a beautiful art deco silver bracelet and a painted glass pitcher. I left with a tarnished silver necklace to be polished up nice and a lonely gold napkin ring that when reworked will make a stunning cocktail ring. Better get out the glue and pliers!

Saturday night we got a little silly on my new favorite drink, Absolut Boston (black tea and elderflower) with gingerale and went out to see a local blues band play. Then there were many late night laughs as we gasped at photos from our youth from the pile that Caitlin is collecting for some project for her upcoming wedding. (Not quite sure exactly what that is.) Sunday was a perfectly lazy day. Grocery shopping was the most strenuous event attempted. We had eggplant parm at my parents' for dinner and ended the night with Treme, a new show on HBO that is definitely worth checking out. I fell asleep that night totally relaxed and ready for the week and its new adventures to begin.


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