Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Wasn't Expecting This

So I started an etsy store a few days ago (fidgetfinds.etsy.com). I haven't announced it here yet because there's only a few things up and I wanted to wait until I did the big spring update. However, Agathe, from the famous Stylebytes bought this vintage faux Dior tennis bag that I had for sale. I was so excited and was hoping that she was going to post something about it on her blog and list my site. Well, she did but not quite in the way that I expected it. Read the article here.



Agathe said...

I hope all the drama around that the bag was fake got to you! A lot of people feel very strongly about it, but look at that bag! I couldn't care less whether it's fake or real! :)

Danz said...

I think she meant to say she hoped it didn't get to you...I think it's a cool bag either way. I'm not too hung up on brands. If it looks good, it looks good.