Saturday, March 22, 2008

Florida Part Deux

After a good night's sleep, we headed down to Key Largo where we hung out at some hotel's beach and stayed at a friend's house. We saw manatees! Oh the manatees! What wonderful creatures! Did you know that they looovve fresh water, including drinking it out of a garden house? Who knew? We saw a mama and a baby and they hung out with us for quite a while too. That was definitely one of the highlights of the entire trip. The next morning we took it easy lounging out at the end of a dock we found on the drive back. The water is so beautiful. Sure I see lots of it everyday here, but it's not that turquoise blue color. We saw lots of fish and a sting ray just gliding by.


(top to bottom: driving down to Key Largo, Islamorada, on the left is what color your skin is when you live in Florida for the winter and on the right is when you live in Rhode Island, manatee video and the baby is nursing!, two views off the back patio of the house we stayed at, view off the dock)


Rose said...

Thanks for the comment~
And oh my... marvelous picture!! Made me wanting to head down to the beaches. It must be a great trip. Nice shades too=)
See u around~

little parisienne said...

Hi! Thanks for your nice comment! Florida is certainly a very nice place to spend the holidays there. I really like your hair style! bye

JuliAM said...

i'm so jealous...the weather is so gross here. grey and rainy :(

The Truth said...

Beautiful my darkings love the vintage sunglasses !