Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I recently got my hands on the Resort/Holiday 2007 (better late than never) Bergdorf Goodman Magazine. It's the one that they send all their wealthy clients but you can pick them up at the store too. I love Bergdorf's. I know it's obscenely expensive and a bit snoody at times, but whenever I was there doing market research projects for school or just looking around, everyone that worked there was helpful and accommodating. Except when I had to return about $10,000 worth of clothing for work and they weren't too psyched about that, understandably. Of course the clothing that they carry is phenomenal, that can go without being said. Anyways, I love this photo shoot. It's got a great vintage feel, the model is beautiful, and her makeup is flawless. Note: of course they have to make the magazine about one inch bigger than my scanner so the photos are cropped a little.

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Nadine said...

Oh what beautiful pictures!

Danz said...

I truly love them all! Everything is spot on.

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