Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Busy Weekend

Two big events this weekend, both of which I am super excited about. First on Saturday night is Fabulous!, a fashion show put on by the wonderfully innovative Elissa of Calico in New Bedford, Mass. The show will feature vintage fashions from her boutique, hair by Salon Lola, and performances by various local bands and performers. The event is sure to be lots of fun, great sounds, and tons of fashion eye candy. Go here to purchase discount tickets before the show.


Then, on Sunday, is Baked Fresh. This is an indie music, design, and art festival in Boston where I will be sharing a booth with the lovely Amy of Punky Style. I am nervous but excited. There is sure to be a big crowd and I have tons to do before the big event; make tags, finish mending and pressing everything, going through my own closet, and breaking my heart by putting things in the "sell at Baked Fresh" box that has started on my bedroom floor. I keep asking myself would I rather have these earrings/skirts/blazer/necklace/boots/etc. or a few extra bucks right now? A few extra bucks seems to be the most popular answer, unfortunately. But great news for all of you who want some awsome finds. Please come pay me a visit and introduce yourself. I love to meet my readers. See you there!!



Katie said...

Hey you! See you Saturday night! Looks to be some great funs! xo

jagged said...

I have some of your earrings from the show.

jagged said...

Opps and im signed in as Kyle